What's the deal with butcher paper?

You might have heard talk of "butcher paper" or the "Texas crutch" but what is it? Why should you be using it?

When meats are being smoked there comes a point where the internal temperature stalls, extending the cook time, and risking dry overcooked meat. This is a struggle novice and long time pitmasters struggle to overcome especially on large cuts of meat like brisket. 

Named for it's widespread use by Texas pitmasters, the Texas Crutch involves wrapping the meat in either butcher paper or foil to insulate the meat and speed up the cooking process to bypass the stall.

So why butcher paper you ask? Foil being commonly found in most kitchens, it's natural to reach for it, but foil is water proof. While it helps push meat past the stall, it also retains all the moisture effectively braising the meat, and ruining all that delicious bark formed in the smoker.

Butcher paper is breathable, allowing excess moisture to escape and keeping that smokey, delicious bark intact.

Our butcher paper is undyed, unwaxed, and unbleached, making it perfect for wrapping up your precious cargo, and delivering perfectly smoked goodies.

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