Broil King Ice Brush

Looking for a bristle-free option for cleaning your grill? With the Ice Grill Brush from Broil King, you can safely, quickly, and thoroughly clean your hot grill. Fill the silicone molds with water, cover with the clip-on cartridges and place in the freezer until solid. Then simply attach your brush handle to the clip and you're ready to clean! As the ice touches the hot surface of the grill, it will begin to melt along those points of contact, forming grooves the perfectly fit the contours of your cooking surface. This will give you maximum coverage and effectiveness as you scrape along the grates. The steam created from this will help loosen any particularly stubborn bit on the grill making the clean up process even faster.

By adding a splash of lemon juice to the water, you can have your ice brush work as a degreaser as it scrapes away food debris, leaving the grill spotless for your next cook.
Since there are no bristles to wear down, the Ice Grill Brush is infinitely reusable. Just keep making more ice blocks with the mold.

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